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Yakuza 5 Video Shows It’s Actually 10,000 Games In One

It’s safe to say Yakuza 5 is looking increasingly like one of the best games of ever, and this TGS trailer is doing more than anything has so far to convince us this opinion is actual fact. BEAR-PUNCHING. STREET-DANCING. ALL THE MINI GAMES-ING. VIRTUA FIGHTER 2. STREET RACING. OTHER THINGSING.

No word on localisation or a western release as of yet. This makes us sad. Hopefully Yakuza 3 and 4 did enough business to make it a viable release, as it’s looking very much like the sort of mad-bugger videogamey videogame we really need in our lives right now. Plus it’s the closest we’ll get to Shenmue 3 (cue Ryan’s salty, warm tears).

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  • demondownload

    Does this make any more sense if I’ve played the previous games in the series? (I got almost to the end of the first one, but it kept freezing on what I assume was the final level.) Because right now, I don’t have the first clue what the hell’s going on in that trailer.

  • Ian Dransfield

    I have no idea at all. I never finished 2 or 3, didn’t even play 4 much. But liked them all.

    I don’t think this trailer makes much sense even if you work for Sega. Looks brilliant though.