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WWE 13 Introduces ‘Live’ Mode, Apathy

WWE 13 Introduces ‘Live’ Mode, Apathy

WWE 13 being 'innovative', yesterday.

WWE 13 will have some new features in it, including ‘Live’ mode. Don’t know what that is? Well watch this video and see for yourselves:

That’s right: it means very little indeed. It means iteration and feature-creep. It means at no point in the video is it announced that the entire engine (that needs to be blown up and entirely rebuilt from scratch) has been blown up and entirely rebuilt from scratch.

It appears to be a mode that throws in a few gimmicks you’ll hardly use, but could prove vaguely interesting (mid-air finisher-reversals). A mode that makes the crowd sound better, which is obviously a bonus but is it really the sort of thing that should be touted as a marquee improvement over something like the engine being blown up and entirely rebuilt from scratch?

Not that they’ve done that, but still.

Commentary is being re-done? Good. But even in a cherry-picked video showing off the best examples, it still sounds stilted and clumsy, like Cole, King and JR are bored. And as for those WOW LIVE moments? It’s just things that happened on TV. Nothing new, at all. You can throw Mankind off the HIAC through the announcer’s table.

That happened in real life 14 years ago. It happened before the first ever Smackdown game had even come out. It has just been added as an ‘exciting’ feature in a game coming out in 2012. The Cell has been in Smackdown games since the second entry, which came out in 2000. I just… the… it… sigh. It’s a cheap gimmick playing on nostalgia to score Brownie points.

I still remember the days I loved the Smackdown series. It was one of my most-played series as I would keep season mode running for months and months until the next game came out, then I would start it all over again.

Additions like Live mode just make me care even less about a series that has stagnated to the point of being a joke. We need all-out revolution, not vague renovation, to make the WWE/Smackdown series relevant again.

But hey, maybe I’ll be wrong.

[Video from The Traitorous Dave Cook’s new home, VG247]

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  • James cook

    When Sd 1 was released i would skip school head to this shop called Fanatics and spend sometimes as much as 4 hours straight glued to the instore playable demo, did this everyday for a week untill school rang home,- I eventually bought a playstation with Sd1 and played it into the ground right upto the day my mum bought me the sequal (know your role) and i was born again- Improvements included an awesome CAW mode replacing the (choose a head, torso and legs) system that sd1 offered and new matchs including TLC and Hell In A Cell-Happy Days Now i just feel fleeced everytime i buy the latest release- most notably Wwe12 which I can’t be forking bothered with, don’t have the time to create the characters which the game doesnt include year after year because the created wrestler files are unsupported by the latest Sd release Further more the Create an entrance video mode (which i liked in Wwe11) has been cut short instead of being built on 🙁 Also where the hell is the “DUMPSTER MATCH” I WANT MY MONEY BACK!