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Top Five Satisfying Moments In Games

Fight Night series – Landing a knock-out blow

There’s something so viscerally satisfying about dodging a blow and then landing a crushing counter punch to your opponent’s face, causing their legs to buckle and them to fall to the floor in a quivering heap. The replay just makes it all the better: watching their flesh ripple and sweat fly as your right hook makes devastating contact is all the better in slow motion.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – killing twenty-five enemies like it ain’t no thang

I suppose there are plenty of reasons that you could criticise Assassin Creed: Brotherhood’s one button combat, but personally I found it insanely enjoyable. It’s mostly thanks to the excellent animations – Ezio pirouettes, dances and darts around his enemies, taking them out with deadly, swift, but balletic stabs and swirls. Taking out huge groups of enemies then simply dropping Ezio’s weapon and strolling off is absolutely empowering (and more than just a little cool).

FIFA series – scoring a free kick

We were originally going to put scoring a 40 yard screamer, but on deeper rumination we decided that blasting the ball into the back of the net from a free kick was the more satisfying experience. It’s so rare that you actually manage to score a goal from a free kick that when it actually does happen it feels all the more brilliant. Particularly so when you’re scoring against a smug friend.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops – getting 11 kills and calling in an attack helicopter

Achieving 11 kills in a Black Ops deathmatch is a satisfying enough experience on its own – watching those kills rack up always makes you feel like you’re Rambo. But the attack helicopter killstreak is the icing on the cake – the final insult to the opposing team. Conversely it’s just as satisfying to shoot down an attack helicopter – knowing someone has gone through all that effort just to blast down their helicopter is a guilty pleasure to say the least.

The Headshot

We thought long and hard about what the most satisfying headshot in gaming is, but ultimately came to the conclusion that they’re all pretty satisfying. It’s the combination of dexterity, timing and skill that makes the perfect headshot probably the most pleasing experience in gaming – that, and the splatter of brains and blood that puts the exclamation mark at the end of your kill, of course.

So, what are you most satisfying gaming moments?

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  • Perplexed Penguin

    Taking first place on the final corner in ANY racing game. Insanely satisfying.

  • Joey

    Making loud pig-ignorant American kids cry on any fps. MAG was great for this sole purpose that is repeatedly killing some shit head who wouldn’t shut the f’e’ck up.

  • Henbonda

    killing edgar ross on red dead in a shoot-out at the river, I shot him bout 50 times after the credits rolled 2! much satisfaction

  • getting a multi-kill, and the sweet sound of the hitmarker straight after!