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The Friday Video Vault

The latest tool to be added to LittleBigPlanet 2’s kit, the Grabinator. This game is going to be all kinds of fun:

Fed up of waiting for Valve to bloody well get on with it, animator James Benson whips up his own ideal look for the next Half-Life. It looks very Call Of Duty-ish, we must admit, but we can’t deny it looks cool:

A rap that we can very much get on board with. We love Fallout, but a new Elder Scrolls game would be very nice, too:

Super There Will Be Blood. We think more epic, three hour character dramas should be given the 8-bit treatment:

What Russian women think of game developers, and probably gamers too:


Uwe Bolls latest, Bluberalla. This is just…we’ll let the video do the talking for itself. Oh, and while you’re watching it consider the fact that Mr Boll isn’t just also making another Bloorayne film about vampire Nazis in conjunction with Bluberalla, but also a film named Auschwitz, a sombre and realistic film about the horrifying realities of the German concentration camps. Way to inappropriately juxtapose settings and themes, Uwe:

And finally, we had to post it, the LA Noire trailer. Or as we like to call it, LA Confidential: The Game. Those facial animations are just…wow:

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