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The Friday Video Vault

The latest Uncharted 3 video introduces us to villain Katherine Marlowe. Anyone reckon she’s actually Drake’s mum?

The Unreal tech demo shown at E3, titled Samaritan. Apparently this is all rendered in-engine. Do you believe it?

Here’s an awkward sex scene from Dragon Age 2, because we know you love this kind of smut.

In preparation for this game I’m going to spend the rest of my Friday shining a lamp in Jon Gordon’s face and demanding answers about what happened to my pencil sharpner. Where is it Jon? WHERE IS IT?

Ummm…I don’t have a fifth gaming related video for you today, so here’s a video of Rodney Mullen being absolutely awesome on a skateboard instead. He was in Tony Hawk’s once, so it’s kind of related…

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