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The Friday Video Vault

Possibly one of the most awkward trailers we’ve ever borne witness to. Yes, this is a real game, and yes, it is also coming to Move. We’re…we’re not really sure how to go about reviewing this on Play…

Battlefield 3 looks to be one of the most visually impressive games we’ve ever seen. It also sounds like one of the most Terminator-y games we’ve ever heard.

Visceral returns to The Sprawl with a different perspective in this DLC for Dead Space: Extraction.

We wish Kevin Butler was our boss.

To all our friends and family: don’t expect to see us in November. Like, at all.

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  • Garan

    Ubisoft is going to shit.With their Facebook intergration,stupid new IPs and Jade Raymond.

  • Joey

    Thankyou Play for showing me the best game ever.
    We Dare. You may need to higher (wrong spelling?) some titty models or just prostitutes to help you review it, otherwise I think you won’t be able to look each other in the eye for a long time. Does it come with free cleaning utensils to get rid of the stink of ass from the move controller?

  • Sean

    Have fun reviewing that first game 🙁

    Seriously, WTH!

  • koppert79

    finally a game to let the mrs invite her friends round to play