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The Friday Video Vault

The new Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gameplay trailer. We really can’t wait to play this:

The most painful grenade kill in Black Ops ever?

And sticking with Black Ops, here’s the first fifteen minutes of the game completed on Hardened difficulty, without firing a weapon:

Ok, we know this is a PlayStation blog and everything, but the new character creation tool in the upcoming expansion for Eve Online is so impressive that we just had to share it here:

You a fan of Mercenaries? Try and hold back the tears you watch this gameplay demo of the cancelled Mercenaries 3:

George A. Reomero’s Night Of The Living Dead gets a graphical adventure makeover courtesy of YouTube:

And finally, the Gran Turismo 5 marketing gets shifted up a gear with the appearance of everyone’s favourite VP of Add More Awesome, Kevin Butler:

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