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The Best PS4 Trailers From The VGAs & PSX

There have been a whole raft of PS4 games announced at the Video Game Awards and PlayStation Experience. We’ve picked out the best of the trailers that have been on show. We’ve tried to focus on the PS4 games that represent a new announcement, but we’ve made an exception for a couple of awesome ones.



There’s not yet confirmation of which platforms this game will be coming to when it releases, but we expect (or at least hope) that it’ll be coming to PS4. Fullbright, who is developing Tacoma, previously made Gone Home, which is an excellent game.


Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Online looks awesome. That’s all we have to say.



This is another one that we’re awaiting a platform announcement on. With team members who worked on the excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on board, we’re eager to play this one.


Now this one, which looks like some kind of space survival game, is definitely slated for a PS4 release.

 Uncharted 4

Okay, so this isn’t a new game, but it’s the first time we got to see Uncharted 4 gameplay, so we had to include it.

Street Fighter 5

It got leaked ahead of this official announcement, but this is the first time we got to see some Street Fighter 5 gameplay. We also got official confirmation that Street Fighter 5 is a PS4 console exclusive.

What Remains of Edith Finch

We’re intrigued to see more of this game from the team behind The Unfinished Swan.


We had to include this gameplay trailer for PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.


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