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Sony reveals “Panopticon”

For the past week, a Sony website called “Panopticon” has been counting down to… something. Well, now we know slightly more than we did before as the reveal has come and it’s a pretty awesome trailer. Do a watch.


So, yeah. Any gameplay? Details? A confirmation of what it’s actually called? Nah. But it is shiny!

The site has been updated with a new date of 21 May, where hopefully we will learn more. Interestingly, that is also the date of the presumed next Xbox reveal. Considering the Sony logos all over this, we are assuming the two are not directly related.

So what is “Panopticon”? From the trailer it looks like a weird cross of sci-fi, MMOs, Monster Hunter and plenty of anime style. What it will actually be is anyone’s guess yet, but we are excited to find out. More great PlayStation franchises are always welcome .


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