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PSP sprouts a second analogue nub

PSP sprouts a second analogue nub

Who needs a PSPgo? No, wait, we’re not giving them away. We were just making a flippant, disparaging comment about Sony’s latest PSP redesign. All we’ve ever wanted from the PSP was a second analogue nub on the right-hand side, so we could play all those ‘dual stick’ games properly. While Sony apparently hasn’t heard our pleas, someone has.

This modded PSP-2000, created by JoblessPunk, is the answer to all our prayers. Not only does it feature two nubs, it also has an internal camera and two USB slots and flash memory and custom firmware. Other modders have incorporated similar features in the past, but never as neatly as this. JoblessPunk (real name Tim) wanted it to look like it came out of the factory like that, and it does. It’s just a one-off at the moment, but Tim does want to start making more and selling them if he can find someone with money and resources to partner up with.

For more on this PSP mod, go to www.joblesspunkdesigns.com/psp

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  • Moorbs

    Looks pretty cool, im surprised to see the second nub doing something and lmao, at the end it sounds like she says ‘mumma vagina’ then the guy just looks around uncomfortably. :L

  • David

    I’d be surprised if Sony allowed this to reach the market, but they only have themselves to blame for not including 2 nubs.