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PS4: Get Even teaser trailer

Check out the teaser trailer for the new project from The Farm 51, Get Even. Created using revolutionary technology that scans environments before converting them to digital form, it’s really hard to tell what in the video is real and what is in-game.

Get Even claims to remove the division between single-player and multiplayer experiences to unfold two linked stories. The game’s plot revolves around the memories of its central heroes and the route the player chooses to follow determines their personality as the game unfolds.

As these personality traits are revealed, the merging of single-player and multiplayer elements tighten. When players embark on a single-player mission, others on the network can join the quest as enemies, so players never know whether their opponents are human or CPU-based.

It sounds thoroughly interesting, and looks simply phenomenal. We’ve got a few screenshots below too. Get Even is scheduled for 2015.

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