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Play’s Favourite Skate Vids

Play’s Favourite Skate Vids

Skate 2 had a fantastic community and with new features being added to Skate 3 we’re expecting even bigger and better things. While we wait for that to come out though we thought you might enjoy watching some of our favourite Skate.Reel vids. You can watch plenty more at skatereel.ea.com.

This excellent piece of precesion skating is from mizzzark. You’ve got to love the team work involved in putting it together too.

There are few things Play enjoys more than a bail movie and this one from jamesg123 ranks among the very best from Skate 2.

This vid from TheRealTem4Elf is a great mix of superbly timed and executed kick-flips as well as a really well designed line. That’s a combination you have to respect.

FLYiNG P-i-M-P has created something pretty unique here. Half bail movie, half precision trick film, all comedy. EA put basketball hoops in Skate 2 and this is what the community started doing with them.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLY! There are just some videos that don’t much explanation and this one from HollowTip82 is exactly that. Just watch it and enjoy

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