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PES 2013: Some Quick Demo Impressions

PES 2013: Some Quick Demo Impressions

New PES always stirs up a variety of emotions. First up is hope: maybe this year they’ve finally done it, brought the series back to its best. Fear usually follows soon after, as another year approaches and you hear the same soundbites you’ve heard a thousand times before reeled off again. Can it really have changed that much? Really?


So we weren’t sure what to think when when we fired up the PES demo. After a handful of games however, it seems Konami has finally done it: elevated PES back to where it used to be. At the very least it’s the strongest yet seen on current gen, and by a long way to boot.


Last year’s effort was good, if a little rough around the edges: the same patterns of play developed too often, and the shooting felt like you were kicking a balloon (or petrol station ‘floater’) around. We can’t speak for the former complaint just yet: the game certainly feels more dynamic, and the passing system is still best in class, but the full verdict will (obviously) have to wait.


As for the latter, PES 2013 looks to have remedied last year’s problems. The difference this makes is astounding: finessed shots drop neatly into the corner, and Scholes-style thunderbolts fly off player’s boots. Speaking of those overpaid oiks, the new Player ID system looks good: Ronaldo moves and plays like Ronaldo (although there’s no ‘look at referee like a man facing the firing squad at the slightest touch’ button, sadly), and others, like Gerrard, show similar characteristics to their real counterparts.


But enough talk. See for yourself. We’re quite impressed with PES 2013: let’s hope Konami don’t ‘tweak’ (ruin) it before release.


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  • Dnamishap

    Every year I live in hope that PES will be the football game of choice for me, the PS2 versions gave my life meaning some days!!
    Every year of the “New Generation” I have been disappointed!! But I will still drop FIFA like a bad habit the moment PES hits forms!!

    PES4Life FIFA4Now