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New Guilty Gear, all other games are now irrelevant

We love fighting games here at Play, and few (if any) are better than the Guilty Gear series. It doesn’t get more hardcore, more rewarding, more crazy than Guilty Gear, which is why we are ecstatic that, after a hiatus of several years, the series is returning with the bizarrely-named Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. It looks utterly fantastic… take a look.



To begin with it looks like a beautiful 2D game, but that moment when the camera swivels around and you suddenly realise it’s 3D is simply phenomenal. Plenty of games have tried to blend 2D style with 3D models, to varying effects (Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is a good example) but none have looked as wonderful as this does. The cleanness of the lines and the sheer crispness of everything makes us suspect this might be a next-gen game, but that’s pure speculation at this point. All that’s important is that a new Guilty Gear game is coming and it looks amazing.


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