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Happy Christmas, Players

If it’s Christmas Day and you’re checking out the Play website then wow! Go you! That’s dedication right there. We’re going to ignore the fact that you’re possibly a bit weird, and the fact that you should probably be sitting with your family playing Monopoly and doing shots of eggnog, or whatever it is people do during Christmas these days. As for us, we’re doing what we do every Christmas Day. Playing games.

Ahh, there’s little better than the magical feeling you get on Christmas morning when you unwrap a shiny new videogame. The wonders, the treasures, the experiences hidden within! We’ve spent many a Christmas Day¬† sat in front of the television, immersed in whatever game we got that year for hours on end. The Play team’s getting pretty old these days, but we still feel as young as the little nippers we once were upon receiving a new game at Christmas.

In celebration of this joyous Christmas tradition we’ve collected a few videos of overexcited kids (and adults) unwrapping videogames for you to enjoy on this most special of days (or on the most normal of days if you’re reading this after Christmas). Merry Christmas everybody!

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