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BioShock 2 multiplayer trailer

BioShock 2 multiplayer trailer

We can’t help but feel like BioShock 2 only has a multiplayer component out of a kind of reluctant obligation to make it more marketable and less trade-inable, but that said, it does look like a lot of fun, even if it blatantly goes against what BioShock was supposed to be about. Using that huge variety of combat techniques against enemies smarter than AI splicers could get very interesting, there’s no doubt about that.

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  • Dave Moore

    i love bioshock,i wasn’t sure of the idea of multiplayer being introduced,this trailer makes absolutely convinced it doesn’t need it.

  • Gpulos

    oh no, just don’t ruin the single-player please

  • rugbynut

    The online just looks like a mess, the gun fights are like watching 2 cats fight in a bag! The online for this game requires more thought than what they have given it.

  • i still haven’t played the first one and as good as it looks i might just pass for the time being