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Will The Elder Scrolls Online Come To PS3?

Will The Elder Scrolls Online Come To PS3?


When news broke that the sun was going to rise there was going to be an Elder Scrolls MMO, we stroked our beards and thought – yes.


And then we found out that it was going to be for PC and Mac. Mac. MAAAAAAAAAAC! (One for the Predator fans there.)



Ahem. What we’re trying to say is this: why isn’t it also on PS3? Has Zenimax lost its mind? Doesn’t it know there are a boat load of people who would kill, KILL, for an Elder Scrolls MMO on PlayStation?


Yes, of course it does. Does the problem lie with the platform holder? Sony (and all those other console boss-men) doesn’t like people exerting any measure of control over its baby. (Apple, of course, is famously open.)


We’re not sure: there have been other MMOs on the system. Maybe it’s just not been announced for PS3 yet, right, guys? RIGHT?


Because if not, why not – all that boring legal junk aside? It would be a shame for posturing to stop it coming over. Platform holders: relax. Give us TES Online. And we don’t mean the Times Educational Supplement.

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  • Ryan

    It will not come to PS3 due to not being made by Sony aka SoE like DCUO which shattered every SoE record for sales then the hack happened to PSN and SoE and they lost a lot of players went F2P and merged servers (after having to expand servers at first due to being a hit) and they have boomed 4 million players in 6 months and the server merge turned out to be a bad idea due to how populated it is now. (causing lag) Also since going F2P SoE is making double what they would make if everyone paid. No one I know plays F2P once they reach max level.They all pay and now you can buy all kinds of things on marketplace. F2P worked out great for them so far and they are racking in the $$$. SoE does not want any competition on the PS3 imo Although isn’t Diablo 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur (Project Copernicus MMO) coming soon to PS3? Also another SoE MMO DUST 514 coming soon

  • corey

    ryan them MMO’s are not the same as elder scrolls,,, im a huge elder scrolls fan and this is kinda pissed me off a bunch because its the first ever elder scrolls online, for years i’ve been wondering when will it go online and the one chance i have to play this amazing game with other people it doesnt come out on anyother console.

  • Chris

    Well I don’t care if we have wait 2 years or more! DOWNGRADE OR NOT! I JUST WANT A GOOD MMORPG! This Is A Sad Monent In Gameing History……

  • jesse

    I’m also a huge fan of Elder scrolls, when I heard there came a Elder scrolls online I though that would be amezing, but after a while i noticed that it, will only come for the pc/mac I was really disappointed.
    I’ve waited a long time and now i hear its not comming on any console im so disappointed, I hope they will still create a elder scrolls mmo for a console.

  • Tyler

    its pure bs tht they dont make it for ps3 or x box but the skyrim game alone had to much mem and crashed my ps3 i get tht part but tht is millions of dollars and it would be the most epic game ever made online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Higginskeeley

    It will probably come out on the ps4 because they’re upgrading the reading/running.

  • Aaron

    First of all Xbox servers aint capable of running MMO which as been stated, Sonys are however while Sony are bring more MMO to the console, I dont think this will be released though and I really aint bothered by that fact as I see it failing to please a massive audience and probably will be shut down after a year or so.

    World of warcraft is succesful because it runs on anyones Laptop/PC this wont, only about 25%-30% of PC users have a machine capable of running Skyrim if that even.

    Console MMO I prefer as playing DC universe is actually good when playing on PS3 I dont like it on PC.

  • Tony

    I think that an elder scrolls online for ps3 would be awesome and better because if you think about it people arent going to play just because some dude said that a certain amount of people can play on it at once.the money you will be investing would be 100-200 dollars for a good gaming laptop/computer,if you do thats great! if you dont you just loss 100/200 dollars for your gaming pc.now youll be plaing it, loving it, when all of a sudden your computer makes you leave the game because you had too many people on the same server then after constant glitches and game backouts youll end complaining about it and go back to playing your skyrim.But if i had to pay money to get this game on a consol i would say ”how much?”not only would you have less bugs and glitches your console would run smoothley. I took one look at the preview of the landmarks and knew that my computer wouldnt be able to take any of the graphics and memmory, so im begging, BEGGING that you guys will make this on a console!

  • Evets

    i think that TES Online should be on PS3. i SOOOOOO hope so! alot of my friends including me LOVE skyrim and wanna go on adventures with each other but its not online. now that TES Online is comming out im hopping to adventure with my friends. the problem is most my friends dont hav a good computer or a computer at all. so i cant play with my closest friends D:

  • Baby face

    IXN needs to make this for the ps3.

  • If this does not come out for PS3 Bathesda will create an army of pissed off fans! Gawd!!!!

  • Dane Wright

    I think TES should be on PS3 and maybe Xbox systems because the profit they will get and like it has been said that many computers arn’t capable with handling that much graphics and memory, I love the TES games I only had Skyrim but that was so good it made me buy them all and the consoles for them but I think it should be on the PS3 because a lot of my friends like it and we all talk about it together saying what we done and even say things like just tryed to do a quest but need help and also if they do and your friends can help you with not being over uncumbered and stuff like that I think it would be aweasome.

  • Really bethesda when I was just starting to like you to release it for console or I swear ill get your company banned SOMEHOW just make separate servers and release it for console. I was even willing to buy premium to play this i thought you would at least release it on xbox. But nooooo. Your to lazy to even do that so you know what bethesda Fuck you!

  • Seriouslydude?

    What i was thinking when skyrim came out was.. its not multiplayer? god dam it. It was still a great game though, but now that they are making a mmorpg which will be way better then world of warcraft and swtor combined its awesome news except the one little fact that 85% of the players wont be able to play it due to there computer not being able to hack it. I know this for a fact as it is the case for swtor. This is why it needs to come out on PS3, tons of players on the platform who are great fans of skyrim and what have you were dreaming for this epic mmorpg to come out and now it is out everyones let down not just me but every mmo player out there. So this game will not make it out there it will be like age of conan total surprise they may as well shut the game down.

  • b.deakin

    im a massive fan of the elder scrolls, and as if it wasnt bad enough that dawngaurd and hearthfire might never come to the ps3 but no online mmo either, WTF Bethesda!!!!!! u need to fix up

  • T. Joyce

    I agree with many of you guys that have already posted a comment on this review. I am a diehard console fan and have only owned 1 game for my PC. I believe that games should be made for electric systems designed to run them aka consoles. When I started looking at all of the YouTube videos about this game I got chills. A Skyrim game ONLINE? YESSSS!!! The creators were brilliant to have finally made that sort of game. But wait its only for MACs and PCs… WTF :/ My computer cannot run a game of that caliber. And I’m sure I’m not the only one with that problem. I hope that this company will rethink its market… I pray that they will produce TESO for consoles

  • Nadia

    It’s sad that the Elder Scrolls Online won’t be on ps3. I don’t have a computer, and I think the ps3 might be able to handle it, I mean skyrim is flippin vast. Also Bethesda, profit! If they made it for xbox and ps3 the amount of profit they’d get from it as well as pc and mac users. I only played skyrim since dec last year but I am a massive fan of it. I pray they will adapt it to ps3/xbox. (I own ps3 xD) But yeah D:

  • Michael

    Is it just me or did josh nickels write this

  • Smithy02

    Hardly Anyone Has 200-300 quid To Blow On A Game Console And PS4 Has just Come Out PS3 Needs This I Cant Afford PS4! 🙁 Plz Bethesda PPLLZZZZZ!!!!

  • Keir Boyko

    well this is bullshit, there is no way in hell im going to buy a ps4 just to play elder scrolls online, ill just stick to skyrim, and no i am not going to buy a ps4 to play other games on it, i like my ps3.

  • Keir Boyko


  • Petr Mikolin

    Hate to say it but the ps3 wouldnt be able to handle it…. it would have to be completely remade from the other games to work on ps3 thats why we arent getting it guys

  • Lewis K

    I’ve waited so long, over what, 4 months for this and it’s not out!? This shocked me so intensely I almost fainted. PleAse be on ps3!

  • koen

    Skyrim will come out for pc and the next gen consoles. So pc/ps4/xbox one.
    No ps3

  • DREW


  • skrim freak

    i do

  • adbhavc

    we want it on ps3!!! would love it on ps3

  • Dahniver sanguine

    Not including the extra 60 for the game its self unless they make one of those packs where the game comes with the ps4…

  • Jaxon Few

    Bathesda better make it for ps3 or fans will ruin their asses forever