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Why is everyone leaving Sony?

Why is everyone leaving Sony?

What is going on with Sony at the moment? In the last few weeks we’ve seen layoffs from a whole bunch of in-house studios, as well as some people jumping ship voluntarily. What’s the deal?

We’ve seen layoffs at Driveclub developer Evolution Studios as well as Sony Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games Cambridge. Seth Killian has also left Sony Santa Monica himself, and writer Amy Hennig and game director Justin Richmond have both recently left Naughty Dog. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Industry insider Pete Dodd might have some answers, according to posts of his on NeoGAF – that said, treat these strictly as rumours at this point. Also, warning: he swears a lot.

On Sony Santa Monica, Dodd wrote, “Stig Asmussen and his team spent almost 100 million dollars on a game that failed every QA test they took. The game sucked. They shitcanned the game and a lot of the people involved. They offered Stig a spot on Barlog’s project – he didn’t want to go from game director to something lesser so he quit.

“This makes sense, right? Shitty game, money wasted, people fired, head guy leaves out of ego? I mean that all makes sense.”

Turning to Naughty Dog, he went on, “Amy Hennig has creative differences about the direction that UC4 should go in. Egos swell, she leaves. She’s happy, she will make another studio much better when she gets there. Justin Richmond, an ally of Hennig’s, gets an offer he can’t refuse from Riot. He leaves.

“These things happen. Naughty Dog is going to be fine. UC4 will still be awesome. Riot will be better with the pickup of Richmond and whoever gets Hennig will be better off. The sky isn’t falling.”

Moving on to Guerrilla Cambridge, the team behind Killzone Mercenary, Dodd stated that the team, “is working on a Vita game that is shit and won’t sell. They slim down as they retool for another project. Again – this isn’t new. This happens a lot.”

Finally, talking about Driveclub, Dodd said, “The director of Driveclub doesn’t deliver the game on time. Given more time the game still needs work. He is replaced. Wouldn’t you replace him? Wouldn’t you shitcan Stig’s project that cost them almost 100 mil and had nothing of value to show for it? In fact they should have done it two years ago. The fact they let it go this far is a testament to how much they believed in him after GoW 3.

“And all of this is happening before the fiscal year ends. Is Sony trimming fat? Of course. Sony corporation is not in a great spot. So they are tightening up a bit. But a lot of people are connecting dots that don’t need to be connected. Hennig/Richmond is about creative differences and ego. Stig is about wasted money and time. Col Rogers (Driveclub) is about failing to deliver. Taken on their own they all make sense. Combine them together and you get Glenn Beck with a chalkboard.

“And Jack Tretton was about money and inability to move up. He will make more money and have more power somewhere else – something Sony simply could not offer him. Shit happens.

It all makes sense, if true – rather than some grand conspiracy, this storm of departures is merely an unlucky coincidence, a bunch of unrelated events that have happened at the same time. Still, regardless of why, it’s clear that big changes are underfoot at Sony – a trimming of fat, a cutting back on unnecessary expenditures and games that might not make quite as much money as the company would like. In some ways, this could be seen as a good thing, Sony focusing more on running as a well-oiled machine and avoiding making the same mistakes that hounded it during the PS3 years.

Long story short – things might be looking bleak, but this isn’t the end of the world. The PS4 has been a great success, and Sony are on track to be extremely successful over the next few years. Things will be alright!


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  • Jakarta

    The end is nigh. But the blinded fools can’t take it and think it’s just fat trimming rituals 😉


    And fools like you want Sony to fail.How pathetic you are.

  • rudero

    Great article! Lays it out quite well. With great success comes great need. This always happens. I have great trust in a company that has solidified its place in the gaming market from MANY years of tremendous support for its products. Rotten eggs, egos, and power moves happen all the time especially when things become a great success ie the Playstation 4 and Naughty Dog games.

  • Aiddon

    Though it still paints a picture of Sony’s team not managing themselves well or having too many egos on stage which mucks things up.

  • datdude

    Show us your mba in finance and only then might your opinion mean more than a lump of troll turd under a bridge abutment. Always gives me a chuckle when people who can’t manage their own lives efficiently think they have all the answers for others or in this case, a multi-billion dollar corporation with people in a postion to make decisions much smarter than you. Oh the humanity.

  • Joe Vicious

    Gonna update this story now that the driveclub guy called Dodd out on his bs? Sonygaf here famousmortimor/pete Dodd about to get banned.
    He deserves if for being a fud spreading wannabe internet famous fanboy

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    And Col Rodgers already addressed his departure from Evo studios on neo gaph and essentially called this guy out for being a liar a troll and spreading liable comments. And just like with Rodgers there are probably many more truths behind whats going on then what others are making things out to be. We need to move on past these stories and let people live there lives.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Maybe read Col Rodgers statement on neo gaf and come to the realization that until you actually hear the truth from the people themselves its all BS and speculation just like your comment.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Maybe read Col Rodgers response to the statements made about him above on neo gaf, then perhaps if you’re not a complete a$$hole you will be humbled and realize that until you hear the truth from the people themselves all you’re hearing, and regurgitating, is BS and speculation.