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PS4 cloud gaming tests in progress?

PS4 cloud gaming tests in progress?

Sony’s ambitious plan to allow PlayStation gamers to stream legacy PS games straight from the cloud is due to roll out in early 2014 in the US, and it looks like a few testers might already be using the service.

A NeoGAF user by the name of Dug spotted a friend online playing ‘Cloud Gaming Test’, leading many to believe that this is an early test of the cloud gaming service. Similar reports have popped up elsewhere as well, with several other friend list watchers reporting similar activity. It’s unconfirmed as yet whether this is indeed Gaikai testing or simply something else entirely, but it’s unlikely we’ll know either way for a little while – testers are most likely under strict NDAs, meaning they’re not able to spill the beans before Sony says so.

It’s still unclear just what form Gaikai implementation will take – while early tests will most likely be limited to a few PS3 games, older rumours suggest it could eventually extend to offer complete PSone, PS2 and PS3 back catalogues. Amazing if true, but we’ll hold off until we see what these tests turn out to be before we get too excited…

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