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PS Plus: February free games leaked?

PS Plus: February free games leaked?

PS Plus is off to a great start on PS4, with the excellent Resogun and Don’t Starve leading the charge of awesome free games. GamePointsNow claims to have seen a list of the games that will be offered next month. It’s complete rumour for now, but seems believable enough. If it’s true, we will be very happy campers.

First up is the free PS4 game, first-person horror Outlast. From what we’ve seen on PC it looks right scary, just the way we like it. We’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time, so if it is out so soon – and for free to PS+ subscribers at that – it’s music to our ears.

PS3 gets Bioshock Infinite and Metro last light, two excellent first-person shooters both under a year old, both well worth your time. Bioshock in particular was, in our opinion, one of the best titles of 2013.

Finally, Vita will be getting hack and slash action with Dynasty Warriors Next and kart racing fun with Modnation Racers.

Remember this is a rumour for now, but it seems believable enough to us. We certainly hope it’s real!


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