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Modern Warfare 3 Leak – 10 Things We Now Know

Modern Warfare 3 Leak – 10 Things We Now Know

The first details of Modern Warfare 3 have been leaked all over Kotaku, which pulls the carpet from under Activision’s feet in the run-up to E3. Here are 10 things we now know about what will be the biggest sequel of the year… please note, before you proceed: there are SPOILERS with-in, so tread with care!

(Also – Activision hasn’t confirmed Shark Strike yet. Boo!)

1. It’s Coming To London

One of the campaigns will take place in London, England. What ho, old chap! Expect plenty of stereotypical British characters and jokes. Don’t expect any dialogue that has characters complaining about how much it costs to get the tube to central London from Zone 4.

2. There Are 20 Multiplayer Maps

No information has been revealed on what we can expect from the maps but so far, 20 multiplayer map names have tumbled from the loose-lipped sources Kotaku found. It’s a healthy amount for the FPS. No DLC has yet been mentioned or suggested (even though it’s inevitable).

3. It’s Coming 8th November 2011

This is the release date flagged up in the leak. Activision hasn’t said anything – worth noting they have yet to officially comment on the actual leak – but expect this to be a worldwide date if this info is solid.

4. It Follows On From Modern Warfare 2’s Ending…

As bonkers as it was, Modern Warfare 3 WILL continue the story from Modern Warfare 2. If you can’t remember it, the story ended with the US having fended off a Russian invasion, as Price and Soap kill Shepherd in Afghanistan. They end the game by climbing into a chopper that takes the injured duo away. Now we can see where Modern Warfare 3 will take them.

5. …And New ‘Central’ Characters Will Be Introduced

Although they might not get too far, as Activision will supposedly run with two new central characters, named ‘Frost’ and ‘Sandman’. The duo will be taken from the Delta Forces and might mark a new marketing direction from the series as Activision looks to move away from Soap MacTavish and his crew. Note that there being two central characters doesn’t imply co-op – one will likely be the character you play and the other will likely be the character you follow.

6. Spec Ops Will Return

The leak contains confirmation that just like Treyarch returned to Zombies with Black Ops, so Infinity Ward will return to its Spec Ops mode in Modern Warfare 3.

7. New York Will Play A Large Role

One of the multiplayer maps is Brooklyn and one of the campaign missions takes place in New York. That’s as clear-cut as you can get. Will Modern Warfare 3 have echoes of Crysis 2, which saw you stomping about Manhattan? We shall see.

8. There Will Be A ‘Post-Credits’ Level

There’s a post-credits level which will supposedly take place in Washington DC. It’s not yet known what format this level will take, if it will be a Mile High Club style challenge or something entirely different.

9. Makarov Is Back

He fizzled out of Modern Warfare 2’s storyline as the chase for Shepherd hit dizzying heights, his last appearance being a few mumbled lines as you scrapped your way through the Boneyard. Now the terrorist responsible for the notorious ‘No Russian’ level is back and will presumably be the key villain in Modern Warfare 3.

10. Someone At Activision Is Going To Get Their Arse Kicked

Not officially part of the leak but this is huge, the biggest leak we’ve seen in a while. What will Activision do at E3 now this has been blown wide open? Will they acknowledge it, dismiss it, come up with something new? E3 just became a lot more interesting…

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    10. Someone At Activision Is Going To Get Their Arse Kicked

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