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Left 4 Dead on PS3? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Left 4 Dead on PS3? Maybe, Maybe Not.


By now you’ll all probably be aware of the upcoming Payday/Left 4 Dead crossover, cleverly subtitled No Mercy because it takes place – yes – in the hospital from the No Mercy campaign in the original Left 4 Dead. You’ll also – if you’re a real videogamer and hence have to have a directly contrasting opinion to everyone elses – probably have stuck your oar in, saying what a load of old cobblers it is wah wah wah.


To which we say: we see where you’re coming from. But only a little bit. Anyone that played Payday will have thought that it was just like Left 4 Dead anyway: the similarities are impossible to deny (beyond the zombies, of course. You know what we mean).


So a crossover makes sense. Gameplay wise, the two follow many of the same beats. And hey, it’s interesting, and very Valve (even if it’s Overkill that are developing it).


Mechanics-wise then, it’s fine. But we do have to agree with the naysayers on one area, and that’s how the DLC could potentially demystify the origin of Left 4 Dead’s zombie outbreak. The original No Mercy campaign had a few hints towards where it all started: the quarantine room, patient zero, the blood marked ‘infected’.


Payday: No Mercy looks like it’ll explain what happened. In the trailer one of the thieves mentions that they’re there for the blood. It’ll be cool if they manage to get it and in doing so unleash a three-way battle to the death between cops, crooks and zombies, especially seeing as there will probably still be civilians caught up in the crossfire. But there was something about that room, when you saw it for the first time, that got the imagination rolling. Like most prequels, this will replace your own ideas with cold, hard facts.


Or will it? The message is mixed. Valve’s Chet Faliszek says it’s not canon, and that there are a few nods and winks and that’s it. But then the Payday boys are on record saying that the Left 4 Dead story starts with a heist. We’ll just have to wait to play it, but we have to ask what the point is setting it in No Mercy if it doesn’t tie in someway or other?



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