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Is this the PS4 controller?

Is this the PS4 controller?

With the PS4 reveal expected very, very soon, rumours about the controller have been popping up all over the place. Touchscreens, biometric sensors, in-built Move support, doughnut dispensers – you name it. Well, through some nefarious means, our friends at Destructoid have a picture of what could perhaps be the new PlayStation 4 controller. Behold!

Interesting. According to the Destructoid article, this thing is real, but still an early prototype of the pad we will soon be playing on. So, let’s speculate! The sticks seem concave for the first time, which is great, although they do look quite small. Placement is also an issue, as we much prefer the Xbox-style of having the left stick where the d-pad is here. Speaking of, the d-pad seems to be one solid piece and looks to be worse quality than the one we have come to know on the Dual Shock.

The big news though is that little screen in the middle. We can only assume it’s a touch-screen of some description, although it seems too small to be of any massive use in many situations. And what’s up with the blue light on the top? Who knows. As this is almost definitely a prototype, there should be some big changes in the final version we will be seeing soon.

Also, that’s probably a development kit it’s plugged into, not a PS4 – sorry! We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what that looks like.

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