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GTA V PS4 release date leaked?

GTA V PS4 release date leaked?

So it looks like the upgraded PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V may well be with us before the end of the year after all – distributor Exertis Gem has updated its product page for the game to give a release date of 14 November.

Eagle-eyed gamers on NeoGAF spotted a Littlewoods listing for the game earlier today carrying the same release date, although it widely thought to be a placeholder date (any credibility not helped by the listed £70 RRP).

But between this latest spotting on the distributor’s site and the many other November provisional dates, it seems likely that we might finally have a firm date for the definitive version of Grand Theft Auto V. Which, obviously, is great news.

Excited? You should be – the PS3 version got a huge score last year and the PS4 version stands to be even more amazing.

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