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Gradius V coming to PS3?

Shooter fans rejoice – a recent re-listing on the ESRB website suggests that Konami’s PS2 classic Gradius V could be coming to PS3.

The US rating board recently posted an updated listing for the game, with Gradius V retaining its previous Teen rating (due to all that ‘Mild Fantasy Violence’, we’d wager) and the format being listed as PlayStation 3. Whether this means it’ll arrive as part of a compilation or be given a solus PSN release remains to be seen, though it has to be said we’re all kinds of excited to play it again – alongside R-Type Final, it was easily one of the finest scrolling shooters on PS2 and one of the best we’ve ever played.

Best of all, though? There’ll be Trophies if and when it does arrive on PS3. And nothing says ‘check out how hardcore I am’ like a Platinum on an obscenely tough Japanese shooter. Bring. It. On.

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