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DriveClub coming 22 February?

DriveClub coming 22 February?

A list of Japanese launch titles shown at a recent PlayStation awards show in Japan has revealed that Evolution’s delayed social racer, DriveClub, is still scheduled to be ready in time for the PS4’s belated eastern launch on 22 February.

The impressive connected racing game missed out on the western launch of the console after a last-minute pit-stop, but this news would seem to imply that it might be fully tuned up and ready to roll out on or even before that date over here.

If that’s true, it’s likely that it’ll fall on a regular release date rather than the 22nd (a Saturday), leading many to assume that it may launch the Tuesday before (18 February) in the US and the Friday before (21 February) in Europe.

With Thief also due in February and inFamous: Second Son coming in March, this would make for an awesome start to 2014 for PS4 and arguably even one of the strongest launch windows in recent memory.

Sony still plans for a cut-down version of DriveClub to be offered to PS+ members, although it sounds as though it’ll be most of the game – you’ll apparently even be able to grab the Platinum in the free version.

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