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Review – Ridge Racer Vita

Review – Ridge Racer Vita

The rumours are true. Three tracks, five cars, no single-player career – it’s all tied in to your online team. Ridge Racer is an experiement into how game content is delivered to gamers, and – just like MX vs ATV: Alive – it misses the entire point of what it’s trying to do.

If you’re going to release a glorified demo, don’t do so for £20. Do it for free. Top the content up with paid DLC later. You will get more fans as a result. Instead of a response of resigned discontent.

This is a very stupid idea and the Ridge Racer you get in the box is half a game – and half a boring game at that. It shouldn’t be so, but Ridge Racer 2 on PSP is far and away the better game of these two, and that came out years ago on a technically inferior system. God, even Ridge Racer Revolution trumps this one on the fun factor. It’s so bland, empty, passionless. Even the over-enthusiastic announcer sounds like he’s phoning it in.

Decent online integration and interesting team-based systems are welcome and show off some of Vita’s strengths, but the damage is already done. Until a real package is released, with a full game available at a reasonable total cost, there is very little worth bothering with on Ridge Racer Vita.

Released for free, this would have been an interesting experiment – if still backed up with a boring, chugging racing game. As it stands it’s the latter point mixed in with a £20-shaped slap in the face. Absolutely pointless.


Review by Ian Dransfield

  • Jim

    I would give it a 60% and that’s just me being nice. My friend purchased the Japanese version and loaned it too me so ill start off with the good.
    Presentation is great. Clean and attractive interface. Menus are nicely done. Cars are designed very well for being fictional cars as always. Track details are a step up from the PSP versions. Touch screen controls from menu navigation to rotating the view of your car is smooth.
    The bad. The same thing that was mentioned in the above article. I am not an avid fan of DLC and companies that do things like this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Ultimately, it’s not right. Especially not right treating their loyal fans like this.
    I want a full package when I purchase the game, no DLC even if it’s free because that just alienates future consumers that cannot afford at the moment either the system or the game and get punished for it later. I could care less if you have to push back your release date because the game is not done, as long as I get a full robust package.
    What I would like to see. Up to 9-11 tracks(which some can be the same template but branching routes). 15 cars( with a couple being off beat vehicles). An updated music selection maybe including Nero/Skrillex(toning down Dubstep).
    I’m not purchasing a copy of my own just on principle alone.

  • ranga

    You can’t really say that ridge racer is a bad game because it has plenty of those HELL YEA momemnts but it then goes ahead and kick you in the nut with the constant DLC prompts, car up dates and all those other little annoying thing. I was majorly disapointed when I saw that the entire game only offered 3 tracks and a meger 5 cars. That is some A Grade horse crap which just screws it all up