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Review – Rayman Origins (Vita)

Review – Rayman Origins (Vita)

“Takes us back to a time and a place when platformers are the game of choice. It offers gamers everything that’s missing in many modern games – great music, loveable characters, colour and most importantly fun.” We wrote back in issue 212 about Rayman Origins. “Yeah, bit like that, but smaller.” That’s what we’re writing now. Ooh, professionalism.

After all, this is practically the same game as the one which bounced onto PlayStation 3 and went ignored by almost everyone. It’s the same bright, bubbly characters jumping around the same bright, bubbly worlds doing the same bright, bubbly things. It’s so rich with colour, it’s often like watching a painting that hasn’t been given time to dry.

The platforming itself is light and breezy while the new camera zoom, activated by pinching and pulling the screen, means you get a much stronger handle on the original’s trickier sections.

We were probably harsh with our original assessment of Rayman Origins, which scored 80%. Yet if anything, the bite-size platforming action suits Vita’s on-the-move ethos, the OLED screen makes the gorgeous animation sing and it just seems to have found a healthier, happier home now it’s not up against an army of generic shooty bang bang games.

The loss of true multiplayer is a real head-scratcher but the decision to buy this for your brand-new Vita should not be. Brilliant platformer and more importantly, a brilliant game that will hopefully find the audience it deserves.