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Review – Everybody’s Golf Vita

Review – Everybody’s Golf Vita

There are necessary uses for Vita’s touchscreen. Interesting uses. Fun uses. Then there are the most pointless uses of all time. Stand proud there, Everybody’s Golf. You can make trees rustle! And move leaves! And make your golfer stand in a slightly different place! And… errm… yeah.

But you know what? It matters not: Everybody’s Golf on Vita is still the best golf game available on any PlayStation system.

It trumps the last version on PS3 by merit of opening up more player options – generally it’s the same game, but the method of taking a shot can use any one of five different mechanisms. Other than that it’s business as usual – madly compulsive, quick to pick up and difficult to master, questionable representation of young girls.

Unlocking new items and characters has been changed to a shop system, meaning you don’t automatically gain a new character by beating them: you have to defeat them then buy them to use. It adds a pretty unnecessary step, truth be told. But other than that – and the pointless touch integration – we’re struggling for real negative points here.

Everybody’s Golf brings little actually new to the series. It co-opts features from earlier games and generally offers an even more balanced, engaging and addictive experience than any other entry to the series. As such, it’s both the best game of the Everybody’s Golf series and a slight disappointment.

The complaint of familiarity doesn’t stop Everybody’s Golf from being the best golf game currently available on any system. The shop system is questionable, the shot selection is great, the game is fantastic. Then again, it is just golf again.


Review by Ian Dransfield

  • Jim

    In my opinion, Everybody’s Golf just works better on the handhelds. This one is by far my favorite version(keep in mind i loved the first installment on the PSP). The character design overall is better and more attractive. Tons of unlockables as always. Various control schemes are appreciated. Courses look nice aside from a little pop up here and there mostly in the trees. The voice acting is pretty good, other than some of the caddie voices are annoying(maybe due to the repeating banter at every turn).
    All in all, the addiction factor is in full effect.