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Sponsored Post: EA Sports UFC Review

Sponsored Post: EA Sports UFC Review

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There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of watching any UFC competition, as athletes in peak physical condition go hammer and tongs at each other to claim the title of Ultimate Fighter.


Well, now there is something close to the experience, in the form of the all-new UFC game from EA Sports, available on Xbox One and PS4.


Get your fight face on and swagger confidently into the Octagon to commence battle with some of the fiercest competitors, such as Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey and Cain Velasquez.


You could even play as Bruce Lee if you wanted, allowing you to put the iconic martial arts master up against some of today’s most savage opponents. Just check out the trailer if you don’t believe me!


So what sets apart the latest UFC game from any other fighting or combat simulator that has been released so far?


Realistic innovations


The folks over at EA Sports have been working on a new standard for character likeness, with the game creators themselves proclaiming they have “set a new bar”.


According to the official website, all the licensed athletes that are featured in the game have undergone “high resolution 3D head and body scans” allowing them to create more authenticity with how the characters look.


Furthermore, as many of those who have played other physical combat games will attest, the UFC game doesn’t look like two characters bouncing off each other, as is typical in other similar games. In fact, EA has attempted to make the contact look as real as possible, as well as the resulting injury.


Bumps and bruises


A “full body-deformation system” means that the characters flesh will move in reaction to the various punches and kicks thrown during a fight. This also equates to “real damage” where the creators have attempted to show real-life cuts and contusions as a result of impact.


It’s some pretty impressive stuff, making the new UFC game a true original in its class and leading the way for future developments in this particular genre.


A fighter’s journey


In terms of gameplay, the action is about as real as you can possibly get. Not just because of the stunning graphics and realism presented in the characters, but also because of how your fighter progresses through each bout.


You have to think like a fighter, planning your attacks carefully to achieve maximum precision and to avoid the troubles of fatigue. UFC is perhaps one of the most physically draining sports in the world, so this factor is taken into account as part of gameplay.


Then there is MMAi, an in-game system that simulates a fighter’s changing goals and plans based on real-life tendencies and the individual fight situation.


You can opt for Plan A, Plan B or Plan C accordingly, making sure you have the tactics and moves in your arsenal to become the greatest fighter on the planet.


So what are you waiting for? You don’t need to hit the gym or undergo months of training to stride confidently into the Octagon. Just head to your nearest video game shop or go online to buy the new UFC game for Xbox One and PS4.


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