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2015’s Best Games: Life Is Strange

To round off the year, we’re taking a look back at our favourite games of 2015 – it’s been a hell of a year! Next up, an excellent episodic game that pretty much came out of nowhere…

Allow yourself to get over how painfully hipster Life Is Strange is and you’ll discover the best episodic game of the year. The set up for the game is that protagonist Max gains the ability to rewind time, an ability that she uses to investigate mysterious disappearances with her friend Chloe in the small town of Arcadia Bay. We know that makes it sound rather overblown and silly, but beneath that bizarre set-up is a game with a strong emotional core and some great characters that does a good job of dealing with some sensitive and complex issues. Chuck in some huge twists, excellent direction and some tough choices and you start to understand why Life Is Strange has won such a dedicated fanbase.

Here’s a video we put together while enjoying the game earlier in the year…

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