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Tokyo Jungle Review – PS3

Tokyo Jungle Review – PS3

A Pomeranian getting thwocked, yesterday.

Oops. See, we were willing to laugh along with Tokyo Jungle. We were willing to take it as a curio, have a special place for it in our hearts but not actually acknowledge it as a good game. That would be silly. Nonsensical. Impossible, even.

Except Tokyo Jungle is really good fun.

It’s a roguelike game of survival where you play through the life of generations of a particular animal, chosen from the dozens you can unlock. Hunting, grazing, mating, surviving and generally being an animal. If you die, you go back to the beginning, no second chances. Well, unless you breed and have additional siblings to take over once your main pooch/horse/cat/cheetah is dead. RPG-style increases in abilities means you get better as you go along, so there’s reason to keep on playing beyond the initial ‘ha ha! We are playing as animals!’ factor.

There’s also a batch of unlockable story missions, gained by collecting information dropped around the ruined districts of Tokyo. Along with explaining why there are no people around, it also brings with it new levels with rounded stories and actual objectives – and a Pomeranian in a sweater, obviously. They’re not as much fun as survival mode, it has to be said, but it’s nice they’re there. You’ll never forget dragging your first corpse to your parents.

Tokyo Jungle is rough around the edges and mad as a box of spaniels with hammers glued to them, but you know what? It’s actually good. We did not expect that – we expected throwaway silliness, not a game we actually want to play between sessions on all the other games that are out or coming out oh god there’s too many games to play.


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