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Review – BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

Review – BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

There’s a bit of a mentality with developers shoehorning in as much unnecessary crap as possible to be controlled using touch and tilt on the Vita. Then there’s a different mentality that’s popped up with Blazblue, which seems to be ‘don’t bother with much touch and tilt bullshit, instead just focus on putting in ALL THE CONTENT’. This is a game packed with… stuff.

Loads of options on the main menu, dozens of characters, move lists going on for longer than a Hemingway short story, countless ridiculous cut scenes (and a few more on top of that) – Blazblue on Vita is impressively robust. We would be tempted to complain that it’s ‘just’ the same thing as before, but there’s clearly been a lot of effort put in to make this a complete experience, and it benefits greatly as a result.

The actual game is just as good as it’s always been, though the translation to the smaller D-pad/analogue stick and buttons of Vita does make it a bit more fiddly. The addition of hit box-emulating controls on the rear touchpad is nice, but it’s never going to be much more than a gimmick to all but the most committed.

Blazblue on Vita is impressive, though it’s not really been created to take advantage of the hardware. That doesn’t hold it back particularly, though, and as such it comes recommended for any fan of technical brawlers.

It’s the total package of Blazblue so far, and it works pretty damn well on Vita too. There’s no great leaps for the series and it doesn’t take huge advantage of the hardware’s unique features, but it’s still very bloody good.


Review by Ian Dransfield

  • Jim

    This game looks great on the handheld. They squeezed every ounce of the console versions into this one. If you have a PS3 and have to choose which version, I would go for the PS3 just for the simple fact that even though loading times on the Vita for this game is not bad, but it is much noticeably quicker on the console version. If you absolutely need this game on your new handheld, get it. No one will put you down for it.