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Payday The Heist – Wolfpack DLC review

Payday The Heist – Wolfpack DLC review

It’s one of the most overlooked games on PSN – essentially a cops and robbers version of Left 4 Dead, if you can imagine such a thing – and similarly, the Wolfpack DLC (£6.49, out now) for Payday The Heist has slipped under the radar.

The staggered release is partially to blame for that. A huge update forces everyone to download the DLC, regardless of whether they buy it or not, which means those who have bought the DLC can host games on the new maps for those who haven’t bought the DLC to play on.

That’s actually a surprisingly fair way of handling DLC because it means you essentially have new maps without even paying for it, but the DLC came out in Europe a week ahead of the US. Most of our matches plenty of confused Americans wandering in, demanding to know what’s going on. Not exactly the bombastic announcement you want when a huge chunk of your own playerbase is confused.

But anyway. The DLC itself has a new character class called Technician, based on Wolf, with new skills such as the tool kit (which speeds up hacking and so on). Elswhere, there are new weapons such as the grenade launcher and sentry gun. Important thing worth noting: As with Payday’s other unlocks, these DLC items are tied into the system of earning cash/experience to actually use them. So while you might have bought them as part of the DLC, you can’t use them right away. It might not be the case for level 145s but for our peasant-like level 50s, by and large, the items were locked. BOO.

There’s also been a level cap increase and sprinkling of new Trophies to unlock but, most importantly, there are two new maps. This is the heart of the DLC, so here’s the lowdown on them:


Set in sunny American suburbs, your gang is disguised as handymen fixing an electrical fault of some kind with the security system. Your goal is to hack into that security system and access the contents of the safe tucked away in the lower area of the house. The main challenge comes from the objectives drawing the players out of the secure area underneath the house and back into the open area above.

The setting is novel but apart from that, it’s about as close to a templated Payday heist as you can expect – it’s mostly waiting for timers to countdown with the odd run for an external objective point breaking up the tempo.

Because of that, it’s a surprisingly easy map and with a few competent players, we actually completed it on Overkill at the first attempt:

It’s not a bad map, just not a particularly brilliant one. It’s very much Payday by the numbers.


This is much better. You start by overlooking an exchange with ‘Taxman’ taking a server, when the FBI break up the exchange. The heist begins when a helicopter picks up the limo Taxman is in and drops it over your building, as you then force him to hack into the server to collect $25,000,000.

Just like with Diamond Heist, this map is brilliant because there are lots of different layers to pick through. First, you need to cut Taxman out of the limo (sometimes you need to shoot it down, depending on where it drops) while fending off assaults. Then you need to escort Taxman to the server room, then ‘co-oerce’ him into giving you the passwords, then keep the power running, then make your escape.

This is a brutal, brutal map.It’s essentially two large stairwells with a series of rooms and corridors each, making it a labyrinth to navigate if you get split up from your group.

There are snipers on the buildings opposite routinely taking potshots through open windows – the open rooftop is especially nasty as there’s little cover from their fire – while cloakers can slide in through the ventilation shafts. In the meantime, the security force can rope in through the windows, giving you extra points of entry to worry about besides the doorways.

You can actually barricade the windows and ventilation shafts if you find planks of wood about. Not particularly effective against security roping in but great for shutting out sniper fire, if you find the time to put the barricades up.

It’s not just the best new map but arguably as good as First World Bank and Diamond Heist, as it feels like you’re fending off a dynamic assault where your tactics constantly need to change and adapt to the situation.

For this map, and the new gizmos of the Technician class, the Wolfpack DLC is worth the money for Payday fans.

  • Knight Mare

    With 2 new maps and 3 new weapons I am ready to blast, shoot, and hack my way to the raised level cap of 193. This added some of the hardest heists to date, and thats a good thing. I hope to see more like this! keep it up Overkill.

  • dylan lee hatton

    I cant even play this yet because i cant download the update keeps failing and i blew 10 bucks on this