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Heavy Rain Week: The Review

Heavy Rain Week: The Review


Publisher Sony Developer Quantic Dream Release Date Out now Price £49.99 Players 1 Genre Adventure Age Rating 18 Web site http://heavyrainps3.com/

Much as we’d anticipated, Heavy Rain stands apart from almost anything we’ve played before. We say almost anything because it’s very much a spiritual successor to Quantic Dream’s Fahrenheit, which attempted to break the typical conventions of videogames to present a more immersive experience. But while the starting point may have been similar, the end results are vastly different as Heavy Rain outstrips Fahrenheit in every conceivable way and establishes itself as one of the most engrossing and important games we’ve ever played.

At its heart is this issue of interactivity enhancing your experience of the story being told. It is not always successful, but the overall effect is superb in its simplicity and execution. This is all made evident in the early part of the game as we are introduced to Ethan Mars. You have to help him brush his teeth, towel himself down after a shower and later make dinner for his son. That may all sound a little odd and you may scoff at its mundane trappings, but these moments teach you everything you need to know about the control mechanics going forward.

Every facet of the DualShock 3 and Sixaxis is used in performing actions in this game, from rotations of the analogue stick and combinations of shoulder buttons with face buttons to motion-based actions and each has its role to play. By teaching you all of these actions in relaxed environments you are fully prepared to use them when you have to and when someone’s life could be in your hands. During quick-time events, which really aren’t as frequent as some people seemed to believe, these actions can come at you thick and fast, but are actually far more ingenious in their selection than may at first be apparent.

By forcing you to think quickly and switch between the right analogue stick and face buttons for actions in a quick-time event – most commonly a fight – you are being tested for your reaction speed and composure under pressure, much as your character is at that moment. Even more important are the motion-based controls using the Sixaxis, shaking the pad up and down, left and right or just sharply in one direction. The effort exerted is again proportional to the stress and strain of your character and importantly actually makes you active, pushing up your heart rate and helping to convey the intensity of the action better than images alone would ever be able to do. It also teaches you early on the consequences of making a mistake and how quickly the game can spring on you and force a quick decision.

  • AZZA91

    Is this game still worth playing if some asshole on an internet forum spoiled the ending for you?

  • Aaron

    It would not be worth it AZZA91.
    As most of the game excitment is of what’s gonna happen next and as some
    retard spoiled it for you it woudn’t be as good.Brilliant game though.

  • MarkeyMan90

    It would be worth it AZZA91.
    If this A hole only told you one of the endings its not all bad because Heavy Rain has so many different endings depending on your actions. The chances are that the ending he told you won’t be the one you will get. Hope that answers your question bro 😛
    Best game of 2010 for me!