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World Of Animals on sale now!

2013-11-28 08.36.56

Are you a die-hard biologist, an animal lover or just curious about the workings of the natural world around us? If so, give our new magazine World Of Animals a try – it’s on sale now!

World of Animals #1 includes an in-depth look into the world of gorillas, an exposé of 50 animals dangerously close to extinction and what can be done to save them, plus a bite-by-bite account of how great white sharks hunt down their prey. All the information is presented in an easy to read, simple to understand format that makes World Of Animals perfect for all levels of knowledge.

World Of Animals is on sale now, available in all good magazine retailers. You can also buy a copy directly from us via the Imagine store.

If you’d rather read World Of Animals digitally on your iOS device, you can purchase the magazine on Apple’s newsstand here!

Finally, you can subscribe to World Of Animals today at a reduced price, starting at just £3 for 3 issues!

Take a look at some excerpts from issue #1 below, and get ready to explore the World Of Animals!