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Subscribe to Play today and save 30%

Subscribe to Play today and save 30%

Greetings, esteemed Play fan! If you haven’t already, subscribing to the magazine is the best way to experience Play – every issue delivered to your door, often days before street date, while saving as much as 30% off the shop price!

Why subscribe to Play, you ask? Well…

It’s No.1

Since 1995 Play has sold more copies than any other UK PlayStation magazine – over 10 million issues – defining Sony’s console for generation after generation.

100% Playstation

Play is the only independent UK videogames magazine dedicated to covering every PlayStation console making it the only choice for true Sony gamers.

Amazing Gifts

Every issue Play readers are given cool free gifts, including anything from exclusive posters to cheat guides to high-definition DVDs – incredible gifts, unbeatable value.

World Exclusive Access

As the longest-running PlayStation magazine, Play offers unprecedented access to the industry featuring interviews, reviews and previews you won’t find anywhere else.

Subscribe to Play TODAY by following this link to the Imagine subscription store, or by calling 0844 848 8404, and save 30%!

Even better, digital readers can save even more by subscribing at the same link, saving as much as 37% and enjoying the world’s best PlayStation magazine on their smartphone or tablet instantly. Order now!


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