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Vita Game Prices Cheaper Online – Not By Much

Vita Game Prices Cheaper Online – Not By Much

PS Vita games are not as cheap digitally as we hoped they would be. Back in the days of The Past, we were lead to believe – granted, by nothing more than rumour – that Vita games bought through PSN would be a fair whack cheaper than their boxed compatriots.

Turns out we were stupid, dumb and idiotic to have even dreamed of such a world. Yes, Vita games are cheaper via PSN, as they’ve popped up on the Store in the US and we can see how much they are with our eyes. But the general reduction in price seems to be around the 10% mark.

Not to be sniffed at, certainly, but it really doesn’t feel like Sony grasps the difference people see between boxed products and those bought digitally. Maybe we’ll see Steam levels of uber-sales, but it’s doubtful because… well, because Money. That’s why. Money.

The best part, of course, is the fact that Uncharted: Golden Abyss costs the same digitally as its RRP. Meaning you can pick it up a fair bit cheaper from somewhere like Amazon, brand new. As one NeoGaf user succinctly puts it: “That’s not how discounts work, Sony.”

Here’s a tiny list of games with their RRPs, via that there mentioned ‘Gaf thread:

Uncharted $50 ($50 RRP)
Hot Shots $36 ($40 RRP)
WipEout 2048 $36 ($40 RRP)
Super Stardust Delta $10 – PSN title
Modnation Racers Road trip $27 ($30 RRP)

We can’t complain about them being cheaper. We can raise issue with the lack of real discount. And the fact the games are already available in cheaper, physical, re-sellable forms elsewhere. Good work, everyone!

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  • Dawson

    I thought the whole appeal of digital distribution was that without packaging and shipping costs, the product would be much, much cheaper. If you look at costs of mp3s in the Amazon store versus CDs, or as the article mentions, Steam and their constant sales, and couple that with the fact you can recoup some of the cost of a physical copy by trading it in, there’s just no impetus whatsoever to buy through the store. And that’s without even considering memory cards and their price.

    I’m still buying a Vita day one, but short of download-only titles like Escape Plan, I won’t be bothering with digital Vita titles at all.