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Sony Europe Comments On PS Vita Game Prices

Sony Europe Comments On PS Vita Game Prices

With a resounding “no comment”. We haven’t got the heart to complain though.

This, of course, was in response to the story doing the rounds from Thrifty Nerd that PS Vita games will be capped at $39.99 at retail, and be around $23 through the PS Store.

That, if true, would be amazingly brilliant. Alright, so it’s not the holy grail of Everything Free Forever that we so crave, but then apparently some people have to ‘make money’ or they won’t be able to ‘make games’ anymore or something. We don’t know – we’re not Business Masters (of business).

But a cap of $40 – which would, if true, likely translate to £30-40 over in the UK – is s surprisingly decent price, especially when combined with the news that Vita games will have ‘flexible’ pricing.

In the wake of the (apparent) Horror From Hell prices of Vita’s memory cards (remortgage your house to buy a 32GB one, remember) this could be a step to temper frosty relations between customers and the evil monolith that is Sony*. Memory cards hit the wallet hard, but you recoup the difference with the savings made on purchasing cheap-o games direct from Vita’s store? Yeah, that makes the pill that bit less bitter.

Next step: abandon all concepts of currency and live in a truly free world, bereft of the cancer that is capitalism. But we’ll leave that argument for another day.

*We don’t actually know if they’re evil; this was just for dramatic effect.

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  • typical new sony console and games massively overpriced. doesnt everyone know if you wait for a slim iteration everythings better? [and cheaper]

  • revo606

    lets hope putty squad is at the lower end of the pricing otherwise it will be a hard sell for me

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  • I’m excited for the Vita, have being for a long time but I am waiting for a bit to see what happens with the price. I expect it to be £150 and no more, as a handheld should never cost £200 in my opinion. Even if you do get a lot of awesome stuff.