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PS Vita: Should You Buy One?

PS Vita: Should You Buy One?

PS Vita is out in eight days, which seems a lot sooner than I thought, so it’s about time to really get your thinking shawl on: do you want one? That’s the first question and one only you yourself can answer. But others can help, if not directly answer, with the second question – should you buy a PS Vita?

It’s not cheap. It’s not something you can just find the money lying down the back of the sofa for. Unless you have a massive sofa and a proclivity for dropping large bank notes down the back of it. You’re looking, realistically, at £200-300, depending on the unit you buy, where you buy it from and what you buy with it.

But Sony, in recent days, has been revealing its hand. The company has been showing that, while memory cards are still stupidly expensive and games cost Normal Game prices, you’re not going to be left out should you have a bit less moolah. Motorstorm RC clocks in at under a fiver. Frobisher Says is free. Super Stardust Delta is free on activating your 3G connection, at least in the US (hopefully that offer will make it to the EU, as Stardust is ace). Sony is making genuine efforts to make sure you will actually have something worth playing to play when the machine comes out. You still have to fork out around £300 to get a Vita with the bigger games, but you don’t have to splash that much just to get a console and something half-decent to play.

But price isn’t everything, shockingly. PS Vita has to offer enough elsewhere to make it a worthwhile purchase. Nobody wants to spunk hundreds of pounds, euros, dollars or whatever space-currency you might use, up the wall. Apart from Captain Money Spunkington The Third, obviously. We want to know if the device is future-proofed in some way so it’s not a frivolous waste, like an Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3DO or Xbox 360 TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

This is where it becomes more subjective, though. Personally, after having a Vita in the office for a month, I see it as covering all the bases. Well, apart from being a phone. But it doesn’t have phone functionality because it is not a phone. Complaints comparing it to smartphones and tablets aren’t just stupid; they’re entirely pointless. It’s a games device with some added extras, and it’s a damn solid games device from what I’ve seen so far. It’s not for the smartphone crowd – it’s for gamers. It’s got a ‘proper’ Uncharted game on it. It’s got a ‘proper’ Wipeout game. It’s sure to have ‘proper’ versions of Call Of Duty, Gran Turismo, RPGs, fighters, shmups and whatever else, because it’s robust in what it offers developers and players.

But I’m gushing, and waffling on too long. Should you buy a PS Vita? I’d go with yes.

But then I’m “bias”.

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  • James H


    Thanks for the heads up, definitely want to get a Vita. My only question is – is it worth getting the 3G version? If so, do you know how much it is likely to cost on a monthly basis for some on the go online gaming (say a couple of hours a month)?



  • Jpanese

    I would say yes to 3G version…at least in Japan, the service with Docomo is quite good….specially since you don’t need a contract….and more than once it’s saved me from, you know….interacting with real people…

    The price difference is not that big, and if you plan to use it for a few years, I’d say it’s worth it.

  • Ian Dransfield


    I genuinely don’t know. The only 3G data price I’ve seen is Vodafone’s 250MB for £5, which lasts 30 days. The 3G connection isn’t always-on, but I don’t know how much data you’d use in a couple of hours worth of play. 250MB could be plenty, it could be nothing. I use about 300-500MB of data a month on my smartphone, which would mean £10 a month. Not that bad.

    There’s no contract though, as far as I’m aware, so there’s no commitment to have to pay every month. Just as and when you need to.

    As for paying more? You do get a bit more for your money with the 3G model, but I’m not sure if it makes it worth the extra outlay. Then again, it does future-proof your choice, in case some games come out in the future that demand a Vita with 3G connectivity. Or something.

  • wampdog29

    I belive the 3G can only be used for things like Near and smaller online functions. Gaming isn’t accessible with 3G. It’s been blocked. Even if it wasn’t blocked, you would EASILY go over your 250MB of data. Play online for 2 hours per day on 3G, and I gaurantee you hit 250MB in 2 weeks. This doesn’t take into account any other features like Near.

  • Andy Donuts

    @Ian Dransfield

    Well over here in the states Sony has made the decision easy for us. They added Super Stardust Delta, a free month of 3G and an 8GB memory card to the 3G preorder release. You get $55 worth of value extra and you are spending only $50 more. Of course for me this makes sense because I thought the 4GB card seems like a waste of money in that you don’t get a lot for your money and with the 16GB and 32GB versions you end up spending too much coin. Then you get a “free” quality game and a month extra of 3G.

    All that being said, I have been paying off my Vita little by little since May. So adding $50 more in the end is not as difficult a choice as throwing down $250 or $300 all at once. I will pay for the first month of 3G in order to get my bundled free month added on and then I will not pay for anymore 3G if/until some new crazy app or game comes out that takes full advantage of the 3G. Boom, that just happened.

  • Roger

    The Vita will be a complete failure by the end of the year.
    It is still overpriced, it still uses proprietary Sony (doomed to fail) memory units, the rear touchpad still has issues, etc. etc.
    Byebye Sony, nice try!

  • Steven

    Yeah, the 3G or not 3G is the the only thing to ponder for me. I know there will be sufficient variety and quality on offer to warrant owning one. I will probably get a 3G, despite it apparantly working with the Iphone for sharing personal hotspot. I believe the ability to use it at some stage will justify the relatively small added expense. Besides, knowing I could do MORE would eat at me.

  • Jay

    Nah, not worth it my opinion. In this economy with so many competitors to choose from, I can’t justify spending that kind of money. People can complain about the comparison to phones/tablets all they want but the fact is that for many people those devices WILL factor into their decision of whether or not to buy a Vita. Smartphones, iPods, tablets, 3ds, all offer more competively priced products.

  • It’s quite obvious you are bias. Anything with a Sony logo on it, I’m sure you would by. To even mention that XBox 360 in the same sentence with the Jaguar and 3DO is a joke. “Frivolous waste” my @#$!! I think you may have been thinking of the Virtual Boy or N-Gage. The XBox 360 is obviously leagues ahead of the other crap you mentioned. I own all 3 systems including the PSP, DSi and 3DS.

    I’m not getting a PSVita until the price drops. For me, it’s not worth the $250 right now. All the games being released are already on the PS3. When the price drops and some NEW IP’s are delivered, I’ll take another look. Sony wonders why they are losing over a billion dollars every quarter. Stop ripping off your customers.

  • GeekdUp (PSN)

    I just purchased one (wifi version) right now 00:35hrs and i cant wait to get my hands on it and play fifa and when cod comes out, i think my pS3 days will be over. BTW i think the wifi versions only worth it because of the fact you still have to pay for 3g service and on top of that it wont let you access full online gaming…….