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PS Vita Sales Show Death Is Imminent (They Don’t)

PS Vita Sales Show Death Is Imminent (They Don’t)

‘PS Vita is a failure!’ they cry, before adding: ‘And it smells of rotten beef and I hate it!’ Alright, so that’s not an exact headline, but it sometimes feels as though that’s the way we’ve been going with recent reportage on the sales figures of PS Vita.

Thank Thor for Spong then, which has printed this comparison of sales figures between Vita, PSP, 3DS and DS over each handheld’s first four weeks on sale.

The conclusion? While both sold less than Nintendo’s consoles, the Vita has actually outsold the PSP on a week-for-week basis, clocking in at 482,901 shifted, compared to the older handheld’s 482,252 sold. It’s a difference of some 649 – negligible at best – but it does show something.

It shows that all the doom-sayers and trolololol merchants may well have been trumpeting the death of a new handheld far quicker than they maybe should have. It is, after all, selling slightly better than its progenitor – a handheld that went on to clock up tens of millions of sales. Even if everyone still apparently hates it, at least outside of Japan.

Maybe, just maybe, this means Vita – a month and a bit before it’s even out over here – isn’t as much of an abject failure as some want you to believe. Maybe it has a bright future. Maybe it’ll end up doing quite well, as it’s already doing well enough, apparently.

Now none of this can be taken as-is – nothing is set in stone, things change and all the etceteras you want to add to that. Correlation, she ain’t the bedfellow of causation.

It’s just an interesting pattern for our ape brains to be drawn to, in love as we are with the idea of patterns; meaning; point to things.

But there’s no arguing with the fact that Vita has outsold PSP on a like-for-like basis in its first four weeks. Does it mean we have another 70 million-selling ‘failure’ on our hands? Nobody knows. Does it mean it will do a 3DS and suddenly become hyper popular? The same guy as before – Nobody – knows.

But at the very least, these numbers add some perspective to the usual reports of doom and gloom from all over the webternet. And perspective is something very sorely lacking a lot of the time.

Having said all that, I still haven’t pre-ordered my Vita…

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  • Craigo

    I think that handhelds now will continue to struggle at first when they come in at their high price point as people are unwilling to pay that from the off, especially when they know prices will soon come down.

    I got stung by buying my 3DS when it came out, paid way too much for it. Then barely played it for the first few months until some decent games actually came out – now, I absolutely love it! Ooops – can I say that on a playstation site? I do own a PS3 if that makes things better???

  • Mainiacs

    I intend to get a Vita tho prob not at launch date, which is just down to the price, think I’ll sit back and see how it does first and see if a price drop comes in.

    I was thinking bout importing one from the US but wasn’t sure if this would affect the 3G sim card for the UK, does anyone know if it would work ok??