PS Vita memory: IT’S EXPENSIVE

PS Vita memory: IT’S EXPENSIVE

Oh Sony, Sony, what hast thou donest? You’ve told us the prices of Vita’s memory cards and it’s made our minds explode a little – and not in the good way.

But then, all the same, you’ve not surprised us in the slightest. We’re used to this kind of treatment from you and – to be honest – if you were to tell us your proprietary memory cards came in at anything less than Really Bloody Expensive we’d be surprised. Untrusting. Frankly, we wouldn’t believe you. It would scare us.

So fortunately Sony has stuck to its fun guns and revealed that to get a (likely quite necessary, if the PSP is anything to go by) 32GB memory card for Vita you will be looking at upwards of £90. Hey Zeus Christie.

Obviously third-party alternatives will be available and, as is always the case, will be much cheaper. And, as is always the case, you will be warned off buying these cheaper versions because… well, why? Personally I never bought a Sony memory stick for PSP, instead opting for brands like Sandisk – you know, real brands made by real companies, and not a card made out of PVA glue and hope. They always worked and were always cheaper.

Basically, it’s crap that they’re going to cost so much, but there will be alternatives available. If you spend £4 on something that costs on average £70 then you will be stung. If you’re smart, you’ll never have to pay the full price. Consider this some kind of public service announcement, or something.

It’s still obnoxiously expensive, though.

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  • sia

    Poor battery life and now 32gb memory cards for around £90 !, no thank you .