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PS Vita Memory Cards: Yes, They’re Too Expensive

PS Vita Memory Cards: Yes, They’re Too Expensive

PlayStation Vita’s pricing has been the source of debate and complaints from the day it was announced. Frankly, I find it all a bit daft – yes, Vita isn’t as cheap as the 3DS, but that’s an irrelevant comparison. Functionality-wise it’s closer to tablets, iDevices and whatever other toys and trinkets we’re told we want to own these days, and a penny shy of £280 is a hell of a lot cheaper than an iPad 2.

But price is an issue in other regards. We’re still waiting to find our how much Vita games cost – we know the Japanese prices, but these don’t directly translate to UK and European costs.

But then… then there’s a problem. Memory cards. The things Sony didn’t quite invent, but certainly popularised – the things we need to save our games and, now we live in the future, to store our downloaded games we get from space (“online”). We can’t live without them.

Well, we can. Technically. But we will need them for the Vita, especially as some games don’t allow data to be saved to onboard memory. Apparently. Which is a very stupid decision, to be honest.

So we need them. We have to have them. Which is why them costing $119.99 for a decent-sized (32GB) card is absolutely stupid. Insane. Awful. Pointless. Ruinous. Or, to put it another way: it’s Sony doing what Sony does best. Release a proprietary format you need to be able to get the most out of a device, charge obnoxious amounts for it. Smaller cards don’t fare much better, with $44.99 for an 8GB card and $69.99 being the best that could be mustered for a 16GB card. Yes, these aren’t UK/EU prices, but we all know how currency conversion in these situations goes: substitute dollar sign for pound or euro sign, job done.

It’s dented my enthusiasm for PS Vita, I have to say. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on the situation with regards to third-party memory cards making their way to the market, just as I was forced to do with PSP memory sticks and PSone/PS2 memory cards. That or a card sleeve/converter that allows use of a cheaper type of card (hello, micro SD cards).

Or just don’t use stupid, expensive proprietary formats. SONY.

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  • Lloyd

    Glad I brought a 3DS now…. not going to pay £300+ on a handheld EVER!

  • David

    I do want Vita, but I doubt it’ll be a day one tbh. The price is a bit much and after buying a PSP 2 months after launch and then barely using it, it might be worth holding off.

  • Ben

    Wow £100 for a memory card? That’s insane.. Lets hope they either reduce the price or give one away with each console – Which I doubt, But my opinion still stays at PS Vita > 3DS/Any Nintendo product.