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PS Vita Games Priced, But Are They Priced Out?

PS Vita Games Priced, But Are They Priced Out?

Prices for PS Vita games have been revealed by everybody’s favourite worst-designed-magazine-in-the-world, Famitsu.

Yes, it turns out that Uncharted: Golden Abyss will set players back ¥5,980 – roughly £50, €57 or $78. Yes, we said “£50, €57 or $78”.

But wait! It’s cheaper if you go via the path of least resistance (‘downloads’), coming in at ¥4,900 – £41, €47 or $64. Yes, we still said “£41, €47 or $64”.

It seems Sony doesn’t want to win the handheld war against… well, anything. Prices like that can’t compete with the mobile market and they price Vita games out of the range of everyone outside the most committed, hardcore players. Already we’ve seen places like Twitter erupt (alright, maybe not ‘erupt’) with words like ‘silly’, ‘expensive’ and ‘I don’t want to pay that much’. And they’ve got a point.

If these are indicative of prices for Vita games elsewhere in the world – and why wouldn’t they be – it’s less Sony shooting themselves in the foot, more blowing their entire leg off with an elephant gun.

Naturally it’s justified with the logic that these are AAA games developed by large studios with high production values for a premium handheld. That’s true. But do we still live in a world where people are willing to splurge £40+ on a handheld game? It’s not a fair, direct comparison to say ‘59p games exist on smartphones’, but it is something that has to be taken into account.

What’s a reasonable price? We don’t know, but surely around the £20 mark would be more tempting to all people? Maybe these aren’t the final prices – Japan is notoriously expensive, after all.

But right now, it’s looking like Vita is already trying to kill itself.

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  • David

    I wouldn’t pay £50 for a PS3 game, nevermind a handle, not unless it’s a collector’s edition or boxset. I’d expect them to be more expensive than most handheld games since they are much bigger releases, but £50 is a no. £30 – £35 was what I was expecting. Something tells though that if Sony really are planning to price them at £50 they’ll drop because of low sales, much the say way 3DS prices have dropped.

    I still think it’s funny that the 3DS costs less than the DS in some places :).

  • David

    hand held*

  • david

    if the games were £20 i would buy a ps vita even if it is £300. £50 is absurd

  • sionllj

    What happened to Shuhei Yoshida saying that Vita games will cost closer to PSP games than PS3 games?