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PS Vita: Could It Be ‘All That’?

PS Vita: Could It Be ‘All That’?

I’ve been fortunate enough to go hands-on with PS Vita a few times now over the last six months or so. As such, I’m willing to put myself in a position as ‘low-level expert’, like Jamie Redknapp and John Hartson. Except with a handheld gaming machine, not with football. Oh, and I use less clichés than both of them.

Anyway, my time with PS Vita has been peppered with moments of pleasant surprise. Nothing’s blown me away since my first sitting with Sound Shapes (wherein I remarked to the Sony chap demoing the game, without thinking, “this is fucking brilliant!” Mainly because it is) and the tech on show isn’t anything new – we’ve seen these elements in pretty much every other device ever made anywhere ever.

But so what? Does it really have to be completely new to impress? I still maintain Vita contains All The Technology and it looks like it’s being used in an intelligent, non-forced way, avoiding as much in the way of gimmicks as possible. Yes, the sniper rifle aiming on Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a bit shit, but you don’t have to use it.

No, this seems to be a very clear cut case of Sony actually learning from mistakes – at least in part – and making something that appeals to gamers, something that isn’t just jumping on bandwagons and something that will offer something for everyone. Maybe. It might just be my… sigh… ‘hardcore’ nature shining through here and clouding my judgement, but I think it’s a bloody snazzy piece of kit.

It’s lighter than it looks, too.

Anyway, enough of the love-in. Normal, negative service will be re-established soon. And the memory cards are still insanely priced.

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