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PS Vita: An Early Hardware Verdict

PS Vita: An Early Hardware Verdict

PS Vita arrives in Japan in less than a month. Well, it’s already there now, but it goes on sale in less than a month. I could’ve just said that. Hmm. Anyway, this past year I’ve been able to go hands-on with the device a number of times, and I think it’s about time to put some opinions out there for y’all to digest.

And if  you want to ask questions about it, go ahead – I’ll do my damn best to try and answer them.

The console is lighter than it looks, by a fair amount. Mainly because it’s surprisingly large and looks like it should weigh as much as a fat PS3. I don’t know the science behind it, but I’d assume the entire unit is made from honeycomb, hence its size-to-weight discrepancy.

The analogue sticks are ‘proper’ sticks, but their placement is something that could cause what has been deemed ‘PSP Claw’ over extended playtime. I’m going to have to test this, though.

The rear touchpad can prove awkward/problematic in some games, with your fingers naturally resting on the back and tapping it by accident. At least until you train yourself to hold the Vita ‘properly’.

The screen is pretty. I had the same reaction to the original PSP’s screen. It’s just really nice. Shame to smear your fingers all over it, really.

The D-pad is still better to play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with, though no word if a Street Fighter Alpha 3-style overlay will be released, like it was on PSP.

While I’m unsure about the logic of $299 equating to £279, it is still astonishingly cheap for what you’re getting. Yes, it’s not as cheap as the 3DS, but – to be honest (and possibly a bit fanboyish) – the 3DS feels like a tacky piece of crap compared to Vita. Full disclosure: I own a 3DS and I pretty much hate it. Though Ghost Recon is great on it, obviously.

I still want one.

Like I said – any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try and answer them all.

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    Can it make you your tea in the morning?

  • Ian Dransfield

    No. Just coffee in the evening.

  • The_Deleted

    Can I have yours?

  • stephen

    ian, wot games do u know of that are going to be comming out

  • Joey

    spellengs ar fur loozers.

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    Everybody’s Golf is all I care about. Though there’s Resistance, Escape Plan, Uncharted, SoundShapes and maaany others. Just read Play – we talk about them all in there.

    Yas dey R.