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More games on the way for Vita?

More games on the way for Vita?

Vita sales “absolutely exploded” over the Christmas period according to Sony Computer Entertainment UK Managing Director Fergal Gara, following a pre-festive lull.

“We had a pre-Christmas lull where sales were quite low” says Gara. “But that absolutely exploded 20-fold from that low-point into the peak of Christmas. That’s very encouraging and shows that with the right promotion and software we can light that fire.”

Gara also assures Vita owners that more big games are on the way. Speaking with CVG, he said “It looks bare in terms of what we have announced. The cupboard won’t be bare.”

We certainly hope so. The Vita is a great little machine but it severely hindered by a lack of any big, must-have games. Black Ops Declassified could have won a few Call Of Duty fans over if it hadn’t been a terrible game, and plenty of other big franchises have yet to make a presence on the system.

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