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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Final Fantasy X HD on Vita? Yes please

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Final Fantasy X HD on Vita? Yes please

Well that was unexpected, but not unwelcome. Sony’s announcement at TGS that the MGS HD Collection will be sneaking its way onto the PS Vita was brilliant: we wonder how Nintendo feels about the fact that MGS 3 will be making its way to the Vita as well, and you don’t even have to buy an extra peripheral that looks like a dinner tray to play it either.

Then Sony went one better and announced Final Fantasy X HD. Whilst it’s not the much-longed for FFVII remake that many longed for, it’s still a fantastic move, and it got us thinking that HD remakes are an interesting way for Sony to beef up its Vita library with classic games.

Now that Sony has decided that it’s not going to continue being mental and has put another analogue stick on the Vita, we’re totally on board with a raft of HD conversions of last-gen classic for play on the move, as long as they’re priced right. Who could argue with a platform that enables you to play perfect versions of MGS, FFX, ICO and SOTC anywhere?

Obviously, we want to see new games, and looking at the launch line-up (which includes the marvelous-looking Uncharted: Golden Abyss) we look to be getting exactly that. But with Sony’s commitment to digital delivery with Vita, something that Nintendo’s blunder-filled launch of the 3DS totally ignored, we’re hoping that more HD classics will be available for download for reasonable prices, bolstering what could be an excellent launch.

Oh, and a Bushido Blade remake would perfect, ta.

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  • Final Fantasy Freak

    Although I want a FFIX and FFVIII remake hd, I am satisfied with a FFX hd version as I loved the game. I understand the much frustration and all but people have to understand by remaking the FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX the games are gonna lose their charm. This because first they need voice-overs which all of the games up until FFX lacked. This will require square enix to get a cast of those who will properly fit the voices of the characters. This would take too much time and if something goes wrong and people do not like what they see or hear, they`ll be turned off and square will end up paying for their mistakes. Another thing is the world map, I personally loved it but there is no way remodel that in hd without it losing its charm. Also it`ll become stale and look like one long pathway. As much I hate to admit it and as much I want a remake to those final fantasy games, some things are best left the way they are.