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Black Ops Declassified: The Backlash Begins

Black Ops Declassified: The Backlash Begins

We’ve come to know that it’s never a good sign when a game makes it all the way to release without so much as a word of hyperbole from the people behind it. That’s especially true with games that have a big brand attached. So it’s understandable that we were more than a little concerned to see Black Ops Declassified simply flop onto shelves this week practically unannounced.

And sure enough, it’s apparently not very good. To the tune of a current overall score of 29 on Metacritic, in fact. Ouch. And it isn’t just the critics who are down on the game – the public too is having a digital go at developer Nihilistic over Twitter – here’s a selection of choice quotes.

One particular user, DunXiLa, managed to engage Nihilistic on their official feed, with the team openly joking about how this will be its last boxed release before it moves into digital and mobile games. It got pretty nasty, but here’s how it began…

Loving Declassified? Drop Nihilistic a message over on Twitter to let the guys know that it’s not all hatred out there. Hating it? Maybe leave them alone – they’re having a pretty rough time of it right now. And either way, feel free to have your say in the comments section below as well…

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  • mat

    I think the game is good and have been playing it a while.
    I love cod on the go and its nice to play at work .
    I think its a good job and better than unit 13.

  • stephen

    im never gona buy the vita so i dont give a toss