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PSN Day 1 Digital Gets One Thing Right, One Thing Wrong

PSN Day 1 Digital Gets One Thing Right, One Thing Wrong

This was literally £57.99 yesterday.

PSN will be getting a ‘Day 1 Digital’ service in North America, meaning new titles will see a digital release on the same day they arrive in shops. It’s something that’s been implemented with a few games here and there in the last year, but now it’s really being ramped up.

It’s a brilliant idea, mainly. That is idea. Being able to get full games downloaded on the day they’re available is something PC gamers have been able to do for ages – it’s something we should expect from consoles too. Nothing wrong with that. That’s all good.

I like that part.

There’s a part I don’t like though, and it’s something of a common complaint: it’s called ‘the price’. Granted, this is a North America-only thing right now, but I can see the prices being offered on these games is the same as those in shops. That’s… well, isn’t that just stupid?

Sure, you can get a bit of a discount if you’re a PS Plus member – again, a great idea – but you’re still buying a piece of code beamed through wires and formed into colours and shapes on your screen. You’re not getting a box, or manual. The game isn’t being stored in limited shop space. No rent is paid on a building in which it is housed at any point. There is no paid member of staff at hand to put it in a little bag for you, offer you some extra crap you don’t want then send you on your way.

There are hardly any overheads that would add to the cost.

Yet still these games are full price, or just ten per cent less with PS Plus. Wha’ gwan?

The sooner this insane hegemony bricks and mortar stores have over the price of videogames is broken, the better. If I’m going to buy a game new, I’m going to look for the best deal I can – $60 for Resident Evil 6 is not the best deal I can get, nor is $54. £58 for SSX is not the best deal I can get. There is no logical, fair reason these games should cost this much.

Still, it’s all a good idea.

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  • As a person who embraces the idea of digital media, I really appreciate the Day 1 program. I agree that the prices could (should) be lower because they’re cutting out the middle man, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    The 10% off for PS+ members helps a little, and Sony is doing an October special where you get a $20 wallet credit for spending $100 in the PS Store. I’m already spending $60 on RE6, and I’m sure I’ll spend another $40, so there’s that.

    It’s also interesting that we in the US can now pre-purchase certain games on PSN, but I haven’t heard anything about being able to pre-install the games. If we could do that on our PS3s like PC users and steam have been able to, that would be fantastic.

    I understand that Sony doesn’t want to immediately sever it’s ties with GameStop by drastically undercutting the prices on their digital sales. But I’m glad to see steps taken in that direction. A world where I don’t have to walk into a GameStop is worth ever overpriced penny.

    Well written article, keep it up.